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How to Make Your Users the Stars in Your Brand’s Show with Instagram Videos

My kids and I just returned from a 3000km road trip from Brisbane to the Snowy Mountains more followers for instagram and back again. Just as we were about to hit the road, Facebook announced the new video feature on Instagram – Instagram Video. What a prime opportunity to road test (pardon the pun) this new feature! If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, Facebook and Instagram have just launched Instagram Videos, which enable you to create 15 second videos, apply cinematic filters to them, upload them onto Instagram, and share. Instagram videos are highly shareable, but what makes these videos super cool, is that they aremore likes and followers instagram photos that move—Think Harry Potter style photos, only with sound added! They can also be stop/start edited and you get to choose the cover image. Okay, so it looks like lots of fun, but how can you use Instagram videos as brand leverage? The answer is provided by my 13 year old! Seriously! My 13 year old son decided to capture our travel experience in Instagram videos, which we’ve titled “X Marks the Spot.” Basically, the secret to a brilliant Instagram video campaign is to let go and let your user do all the uploading and sharing. Now, throw in a little chaos for good measure…Instagram harnesses the power of fractal marketing. Fractal marketing is a concept based on Chaos Theory. You know… a butterfly flaps its wings in San Francisco and causes a title wave in China? One of the principles of Chaos Theory is the idea that nobody truly has real control but that life is in a constant state of flux. If you want to know how this applies to content marketing, read on… How to get free instagram views tools like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, marketers who have relied on carefully orchestrated campaigns in the past are suddenly confronted with the notion that they must hand control over to users. This is scary and exhilarating at the same time. Scary, because you don’t know what your audience will do with your message and exhilarating because you don’t know what your audience will do with your message.

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Spark Conversations on Twitter

Twitter can be a powerful tool to help online store owners grow get a lot of followers on twitter their business. Without investing too much time or money, you can easily drive traffic to your ecommerce store. It's also a great way to engage with your customers once your business is up and running.But before we get into how you can use Twitter to make some sales, let’s first talk about some important account setup housekeeping.Profile Photo You should make your profile avatar your business logo. When it comes to branding, it’s important to be consistent across all your online properties to avoid confusion. This is the perfect location for your company tagline or value proposition. Keep it short and sweet and don't be afraid to have some fun.Black Milk Clothing uses the tagline of “Give me nylon or give me death.” It’s fun, concise, and quickly describes the company’s vision statement while connecting their community with a single anthem that unites them.Backgrounds can be used in many useful ways. You can either choose to use large branded artwork or provide an image that displays contact or support information. If you have design resources, go nuts and create buy twitter retweets something beautiful. But if you're running on a budget or time constraints just keep it simple. A plain background is just fine, or you can add some information about your business. Direct Engagement Twitter has an amazing real time search feature. You can listen to anyone’s Twitter conversation - a feature that can help you increase sales. Here's an example, let’s see who is talking about Supra shoes:

Use Images When Posting to Facebook

The best way to increase engagement on Facebook is by including images within your posts. How to get alot of facebook likes photos on Facebook have been shown to generate over 50% more likes than the average post. When you want to post an announcement or to promote a piece of content then include the link to the page within the post (preferably after the content so it stands out) and attach an image to the post.Increase Exposure of your Communities With Social Buttons. The more impressions you have on your social networks the more likely it is that you will gain more likes. The best way to dramatically increase the number of impressions on your social networks is by embedding social buttons within your site and within your marketing communications. Most blogs have social sharing buttons displayed prominently to encourage readers to share the article. Here's an example from an article by Shawn Graham in Fast Company:Run a Launchrock Campaign. Launchrock is a popular free service for collecting email addresses of people who want to get early access to the launch of a new app, service or really anything. The special thing about Launchrock is that it integrates social within the subscription process which is a very powerful component that can be used to turn a regular promotion into a viral marketing channel to help drive traffic and sales. After opening a free account with Launchrock you can fully customize their widget and marketing copy and then embed the widget within your promotion page on your site. The idea is to create a give-away or some other promotion which works on friend-bring-a-friend and use the social features of Launchrock to make it viral. Inform your visitors and social communities that in order to enter this amazing promotion they need to enter in their email address on the promotion page. After they enter in their email address, Launchrock will show them a message and social sharing buttons. Make sure the message has a powerful incentive to get your visitors to share the promotion with their friends. Something along the lines of, “Increase your chances of winning the summer giveaway by inviting your friends to join paying for youtube views the promotion”, or “Get 3 friends to join the promotion and all of you stand the chance of winning a bonus prize,” should help increase the share rate and thus the number of people that will get exposed to your promotion.